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Yii2 joinWith(), innerJoinWith(), join(), leftJoin()

Yii2 joinWith(), innerJoinWith(), join(), leftJoin()

Yii2 active record has powerful built-in feature to join database table. 
In this post we will learn some of the useful features

  • joinWith()
  • innerJoinWith(),
  • join()
  • leftJoin()
  • join using query builder

Example of joinWith():

$model = Users::find()
                ->joinWith('posts', false, 'INNER JOIN')

Example of innerJoinWith():

$model = Users::find()
                ->innerJoinWith('posts', false)

Example of join():

$query = Posts::find();
        ->join('LEFT JOIN','users','users.user_id =posts.user_id');
$data = $query->all();

Example of leftJoin():

$query = Posts::find()
 ->leftJoin('users', 'users.user_id = posts.user_id)
 ->leftJoin('meta_data', 'meta_data.meta_id = posts.meta_data_id')

Example of Query Builder:

$query = new Query;

    ->join('LEFT OUTER JOIN', 'categories', 'categories.user_id = users.user_id')        
    ->join('LEFT OUTER JOIN', 'documents', 'category.category_id = documents.document_id')
$command = $query->createCommand();
$data = $command->queryAll(); 

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