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Windows 11 does not meet the minimum requirements Solution

People who have a PC that is about 2 years old or has a CPU older than 8 Gen get this problem while booting Windows 11. 

Many people are giving up while going to configure TPM.

I am trying to give the easiest solution for them. There has been 100% success so far. 

You can also try this solution.

Extract the boot file iso of Windows, or if you have booted on a pen drive, 

you will get a folder named Source from there. Find that folder. 

Download the appraiserres.dll file from Online.

In this case, if you search by typing appraiserres.dll download on google, 

you will find many sites to download this file.

Paste this downloaded appraiserres.dll file into the folder named Source and replace the previous appraiserres.dll file. 

That's it.

Then, you can install Windows 11 on your PC. 

Files Download Link 

appraiserres.dll download link

NOTE: After downloading the appraiserres.dll file, you must unzip the .zip file. 


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