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How to Clone an AWS instance

How to Clone an AWS instance

Steps to Clone an AWS instance

Log in to the AWS Management Console.

From top bar, Click on Services menu, search for EC2, Now click to EC2.

Next screen, Click Instances, from instances list select an instance, Click Actions Button


Now click on Create image, Next screen fill up the form with required details and click on Create image Button


this will redirect to Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). in the list you can see newly created instance image. Default status is pending, it will takes several minutes to hour for activate. When status become Available, click and select the AMI from the list.
From top right section click on Launch instance from image


Next screen we need to choose instance type, select any option


Next screen we need to configure Instance Details


Next screen Add storage


Next screen, we can Add Tags, if required


Next screen, we need to Configure Security Group,

in this page we can create new security group or we can use existing security group


Next screen, review all the changes, if all setting is fine, click on Launch button, at bottom right corner of the screen


upon click on launch, we will be redirected to Intances page and newly created instance should be in the list.     

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