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How to lunch AWS serverless image handler

How to lunch AWS serverless image handler

Serverless architecture initiate cost-effective image processing in the AWS Cloud. 

The architecture combines AWS services with Sharp open-source image processing software and is optimized for dynamic image manipulation.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this section to configure and deploy the Serverless Image Handler into your account.

at first Launch the stack

Log in to the AWS Management Console and from top menu bar click services

Find or search for AWS CloudFormation click on it. 

Click on Create Stack. 

On the Create stack page, select the option as shown in the image, 

upload serverless-image-handler.template file, 

you can download this template file from serverless-image-handler.template

after successful upload click next


Enter stack name, for parameters do as shown in the image below


under parameters for image sources enter your source buckets name comma separated for multiple,

for single bucket put that name only and select yes option for Deploy Demo UI


other option select as images shown below




now click on Next button and review your changes as image shown below






after acknowledgement click on Create stack and wait for few minutes.

on successful creation of stack click on stack name and go to output tabs

here you will be able to see ApiEndPoint, DemoUrl and other option as shown in the image


click on DemoUrl you will be redirect to Serverless Image Handler Demo page.

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